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Senior Pictures are due by 12/15/23


Congratulations seniors! Your senior portrait is an important part of commemorating your education at BHS. The following information will help you plan for your senior portraits and ensure that the photos in your yearbook are ones that you will treasure for a lifetime. Seniors will submit photos that meet the deadline and both the aesthetic and technical specifications of the yearbook. If you have not yet scheduled a sitting with a professional photographer, do so now if you intend to use one. Your school photo will be the default photo that is used if a portrait is not submitted by you.



  • Preferably, a head & shoulders pose

  • 2.25” wide by 3” height at a resolution of 300 DPI

  • File format type .jpeg or .jpg

  • Do not send screen captures from your phone. The quality will not what it should be.


Please upload your senior portrait to:

NOTE: Photographers uploading their clients’ photos may upload more than one at a time.



  • Do not cut the head/hairline at the top of the photo

  • No writing on the photos

  • We do not encourage taking prints from your photographer and scanning them. The quality is usually poor. Please have your photographer submit the image or send to you for submission.

  • The BHS Yearbook reserves the right to refuse a photo not meeting specifications.

Senior Quotes are due by 12/22/23

Senior quotes are back in the yearbook once again!

1. Keep it classy / school appropriate.

2. All quotes will be moderated. Inappropriate quotes will not make it into the yearbook. Please refrain from using URLs (website addresses).

3. Please respond by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22nd. This is optional, not mandatory.

Please use this form to submit your Senior Quote.

PDA Ads for Seniors are due by 12/22/23

Parental Display of Affection ads - these are business card-sized ad spaces that parents can purchase to share, dedicate, and/or capture the celebration of your graduation from high school. Ads cost $40.00. Parents/Guardians, please fill out this Google Form by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22nd if you would like to purchase one of these ads.

Payment will need to be sent or dropped off a the main office of the high school before 02/17/23.

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